Diabetes Diet: 7 Expert Tips To Cut Down On Sugar Without Feeling It

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Sugar is the bittersweet sweet food that we both love and hate equally. It is regarded as the principal cause behind the growing diabetes epidemic. Sugar consumption is among of the main causes of high blood sugar that can result in a myriad of health problems, such as heart diseases. Through the years of drinking sugar-laden beverages and food we’ve developed a sort of addiction to it that is difficult to break off, but it isn’t impossible to overcome.
A series of twitter posts Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ( FSSAI) provided simple ways to cut back on sugar consumption in the diabetic diet.

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1. Chutney Over Sauce

Bottled ketchup sauces as well as mustard sauce and other condiments that you purchase from the store may have an excessive amount of sugar that makes them taste delicious. Try mixing your food or snacks by making your own chutneys or sauces without sugar.

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2. Fruits As Desserts

Desserts are all about satisfying the sweet cravings. Fruits naturally sweet and are safer than the refined sugar we use in desserts. So, when the sweet urge nudges at you, choose any fruit that is sweet that you want. Apple, banana, custard apple and other similar fruit are excellent choices.

3. Add Flavour Not Sugar

Spices like cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg are great for adding some sweetness and flavor to your food. Try substituting sweeteners in your food with the following spices that will add spice to your food.

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4. Sugar-Smart Desserts

A general rule you can use when creating desserts is to cut down on the sugar content in the recipe by one-third or even half. Your dessert will remain adequate sweet and slowly your taste buds will adjust to a lower amount of sugar.

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5. Switch From Sweetening To Dressing

Breakfast cereals such as yogurt parfaits, porridge breakfast foods have been made sweetened with sugar to give a great flavor. However, it’s time to change that now. Instead, spice up your meals with sweet ingredients such as raisins, dates, figs and fruits , to make them appealing and nutritious.

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6. Fresh Is Better

Not only desserts and ready-to-eat meals cans of fruits and vegetables can also contain artificial sweeteners. Always buy fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits to get the most health benefits , without affecting your diet.

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7. Avoid Sneaky Sugars

Carbonated drinks such as colas, sodas, tonic water , and packaged juices release more sugar into your system than you’d like to. You don’t even realize that you are consuming an enormous amount of sugar in just the one drink. Replace them with drinking coconut water or lemon water lascia fresh fruit juice, and smoothies.
Beat diabetes by eating a balanced diet with no or minimal amounts of sugar. Implement these helpful tips into your diet and watch how they can help.

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